Cantwell facts

Cantwell, Alaska is one of several small towns along the Parks Highway (route 3) but is unique in what it has to offer. Not only is Cantwell located just 27 miles south of the entrance to Denali National Park, it is also situated on the western terminus of the Old Denali Highway (route 8). This road gives the visitor access to a pristine wilderness full of fishing, hiking and birding opportunities. Within the town confines, there are several spots that afford a great view of Mount McKinley (Denali), and there is also good fly fishing within walking distance. Though the town of Cantwell is small, with only about 200 year-round residents, it has a surprising amount of amenities and attractions for the visitor. Several lodges, a full-service RV park, restaurants, flight tours, a working sled-dog kennel, a fly-fishing guide service and jet boat tours are a few of the choices that a visitor has for ways to experience this unique area.
Facts about the Cantwell Area:
-Altitude is about 2100′
-Average annual snowfall is 123″
-Average depth of snow is between 11-22″
-Warmest month is July, average 68 degrees F, coldest month is January with an average of -11 degrees F.
Wildlife- typical of interior Alaska. Moose and caribou are very common. Caribou are more frequent earlier in the season, passing through on their migration route. Fox, lynx, coyote, ermine, porcupine, ground squirrels and, occasionally, black bear and grizzly bear, all either habitate or pass through the Cantwell area. Ravens, spruce grouse, various species of water fowl, trumpeter swans, bald eagles, several types of owls and various song birds are observable.

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