The history of Recreational Vehicles

One of the last times my husband and I went tent camping, there was a heavy rain storm.  We tried to cook under a tarp but the wind blew the tarp into the stove and it caught fire.  So we skipped dinner. When we crawled into the tent, it was leaking badly  at the seams and our sleeping bags were getting wet.  We stuffed dirty laundry around the edges and that kept us pretty dry through the night, although it didn’t smell very nice.  The next time we went camping, it was with a small class C recreational vehicle.  We never had to skip another meal or sleep with the smell of dirty laundry again.

A recreational vehicle, or RV, is a movable, enclosed shelter used both as a holiday tool and/or as a home.  An RV is a nice alternative to a tent since it requires minimal set-up, is waterproof and, thus, much more convenient.  This is not to discourage tent-camping and many RV travelers have tents, as well. But for convenience and comfort, traveling in an RV is a good choice.

RVs have been in existence for over 100 years now and come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer an array of amenities.  Initially, RVs were primarily of the trailer variety, that is, pulled along behind a motorized vehicle.  But, as innovations in the car industry advanced through the years, motorized RVs have become more popular and affordable.  Over 8 million households own an RV and 450,000 of those owners live full-time in their RV.  RVs range in amenities from the basic bed and toilet to luxuries such as hot tubs, convection ovens, decks and washer/dryers.  As the number of RVs on the road has increased, the number and variety of businesses catering to the RV crowd has also increased.  Full-service RV parks are available almost everywhere.  In Alaska, RV parks are found along all the major road ways.  Cantwell RV Park is one such facility, offering services that include utility hook-ups, waste disposal stations and pull-through rather than back-in sites.  Cantwell RV park also offers orientation and education to RV users new to the RV experience.   In addition to RV parks, RV rental companies are available in Alaska ( and in other popular destinations).  This is a great way to see Alaska, especially for those travelers with limited time.  Rather than spending precious vacation days driving the thousands of miles to get to Alaska, people can fly in to Anchorage or Fairbanks and use the extra time exploring in their rental RV.

Using an RV provides a safe and comfortable way to visit Alaska.  A family can pull over on the side of a river and enjoy lunch with a view while staying dry and warm.  And, after a long day of driving, they can pull in to an RV park for the night, taking advantage of the utilities, the WiFi (standard at most parks) and the friendly, knowledgeable staff.

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