Traveling Alaska: Tips for a rewarding vacation

There is alot to see and do in Alaska.  To help you make the most of your trip, consider the recommendations listed below:

1.  Time Contstraints:  Alaska is huge and there are great distances between sites.  If your vacation time is short ( 2 weeks or less)  limit your itinerary.  Plan to stay several days at a few major points of interest rather than attempt to spend a few hours at many places.   If you attempt to “see it all” you will wind up spending most of your time behind the wheel and you will not have much fun.   Especially if there are children on board.

2.  Financial Considerations:  Be prepared, Alaska is expensive.  Food, attractions, gas and accomodations tend to cost more than destinations in the lower 48.  Many travelers are caught by surprise and spend precious time trying to find more familiar prices.  Do your research in advance.  May and September are considered “shoulder seasons” and the prices on some items go down during these periods.

3.  Purchase a Milepost:  This is a must when traveling in Alaska.  It is a  guide to all the major roadways in Alaska and for the Alaska-Canada Highway.  It logs everything mile by mile along every major road.   It’s more than 800 pages and well worth the money (approximately $30.).  It can be accessed through the internet.  It is updated yearly.

4.  Make reservations in advance.  Don’t wing it, especially if you plan to travel in June, July or August.  Especially for accomodations.  Sleeping in a car or riding in an RV with a full black-water tank or with no propane is not fun.  Wherever you spend the night, ask the staff for help in suggesting and making reservations for your next destination.  Many places, including Cantwell RV Park, will assist customers in making  travel decisions and plans.

Alaska is awesome and well worth the time and effort in planning a trip up here.  Following these guidelines will help to ensure that you will indeed have the “trip of a life time.”

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