Denali National Park area activities, A to Z

The Denali National Park area has so many choices for activities and adventures to choose from that we decided to organize them alphabetically.  This article describes the “A” adventures and each week we’ll describe options that begin with the next letter.  When you read something that appeals to you, you can either contact us at Cantwell RV park or go through the web.   We hope you find this helpful.

“A” activities:

1.  ATV adventures:  All Terrain Vehicle tours are a great way to see parts of the Denali area that a person would not be able to  view from the road.  There is at least one company in the area that offers several tours, including the Midnight Sun adventure, going out late at “night.”   All Terrain Vehicles (also known as 4-wheelers) are made for one or two persons, depending on how brave you are.  My husband and I did a tour in a 2-person ATV and it was great fun.  We climbed to the top of a nearby look-out point that offered stunning views of the terrain.

2.  Airplane tours:  This is a very popular and very exciting way to get close-up views of Mount McKinley.  There are at least 2 flight tour companies in the Denali Park area.  Cantwell has a pilot, as well, who flies a 3-seater plane and also has a float plane for those who want to really get away.

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