Activities in the Denali Area, Alphabet Series

Today, we continue our coverage of “Activities from A to Z” with the letter “C”, the Cabin Rental Experience.  Cabins are steadily increasing in popularity as a vacation alternative to hotels and tents and many private and public facilities now offer cabin rentals.  Cabins can provide a more wilderness-like experience for a number of reasons:  The smell of the wood, the simplicity of the structure, and the sometimes primitive quality of the accomodations all contribute to a frontier-living type of experience.   Some come with pot-bellied stoves, rustic furniture, and even outhouses.  This provides a unique experience and one that most of us do not encounter in our everyday lives.  How better to experience nature than walking outside in the morning to use the facility or to pump water to make your coffee?  I spent several very relaxing nights renting a rustic cabin from a friend that was situated next to a fast-flowing stream.  The cabin had wooden bunks, a pot-bellied stove and a wooden table next to a window overlooking the stream.  It was almost meditative sitting by the window drinking my tea and watching the water.  And I slept like a teenager.  cabin #2cabin in the woodscabin #3cabin, smallouthouse #2outhouse #1

However, cabins can be quite luxurious and come with all the amenities.  Cabins can also be situated in more urban settings with easier access to stores, attractions and other people. luxurious cabin #2luxurious cabin

.Whatever level of comfort you like, cabins are a nice alternative.  National and state parks, RV parks, including Cantwell RV Park, campgrounds and private businesses can all have cabins for rent.   So try one out on your next visit to Alaska.

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