Alaska Activities, A to Z

alaska  berries #2

the yellow fruit is a salmon berry

We are now on the letter “E” of the Alaska Activities series and we will deal with my favorite activity, Eating.  Who doesn’t like to eat?  One of the most popular activities when traveling to a new destination is to try the local fare and Alaska has plenty of unique foods, in every food group.  For the bread lover there is sourdough bread, sourdough pancakes, huge cinnamon rolls and muffins made from Alaskan berries.blueberry muffins  Alaska is plentiful in the variety of native berries, including blueberry, cranberry, rasberry, salmon berry, crowberry and currrant.  alaska berries #1

Fish is abundant and a person can find dishes made with salmon, halibut, cod and king crab.  One of my favorite fish dishes is a halibut burrito make in a local restaurant here in the Denali area.  halibut dinnerking crab legs

Wild game meat is common among the Alaskan residents, but most varieties are not available for sale to the public. However, a visitor can buy reindeer meat products, buffalo and yak.  Reindeer stew is a popular menu item.

And let’s not forget our vegetables.  Despite the short growing season, Alaska is known for giant vegetables, particularly cabbage, squash and broccoli.  Farmer’s markets are found throughout the major Alaska destinations, with fresh, local produce as well as fresh-baked breads, jams made from the native berries and local crafts. sourdough bread giant cabbage

So when you’re packing for your trip to Alaska, put a few larger-size jeans in that suitcase.  The extra pounds are worth it!!

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