Alphabet Series, “F”

Sorry about the delay in getting the next activity posted but I was out FISHING.  Not really, but that is the activity for our next letter, “F.”  Fishing is one of the most popular activities in Alaska, both along the coasts and here in the interior.  Along the coasts in Seward, Homer, Valdez, Whittier, and Ninilchik, to name a few ports, a person can take fishing charters for halibut and salmon. People often catch their limits on the charters so that they have the fish packed and sent home.   Advance reservations are recommended as this activity is VERY popular.   “Combat” fishing is also popular, whereby people line up along the creeks and rivers to fish for the various species of salmon.  The term “combat” does not refer to fighting with the fish, but rather, competing for a space along the water’s edge.  A less intense type of fishing can be found in the interior, whereby a person can get more in touch with the tranquil beauty of their surroundings while fishing numerous streams for grayling and other species of trout.  Fishing guide services are available for interior fishing and the state provides printed regulation pamphlets for those folks who want to fish independently.  It’s important to know the rules and regulations ahead of time for licenses, gear and limits.  salmon speciesrainbow troutgraylinghalibut

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