Alphabet Series: The letter “G”

Want to get rich quick?  It probably won’t happen with the “G” activity, Gold Panning, but it sure is exciting to think that your pan might yield the million-dollar nugget.  Gold panning is a popular activity in Alaska and gold panning attractions can be found throughout the state.  Most of the sites are associated with past or current gold mines, so this attraction is educational as well  as potentially lucrative.  Fairbanks, Hope, Girdwood and Juneau are a few of the cities that offer gold-panning activities.  Gold exploration is a historical operation in Alaska and was a major factor in the development of the some of the cities here.

If you prefer to explore on your own, various public land areas are open for the individual explorer.  Contact the Bureau of Land Management in Alaska to get information on what specific areas are available.  You will need to arm yourself with this information as well as with a gold pan and gold panning instructions.  Gold pans are sold in the major stores in Alaska and gold-panning instruction booklets are also sold locally.  It’s a nice way to experience the outdoors, kneeling at the edge of a fast-flowing creek and listening to the sounds of the water while you are working your pan.

It’s also recommended that are arm yourself with other currency, just in case you don’t find the million-dollar nugget.   goldgold pannergold panning kidsgold

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