Alaska Education Quizzes

The question on the table is:  What is the safest way to deal with a close encounter with a moose, a bear and/or a wolf?  The choices given include:  Run away, act passively and/or intimidate.  This was kind of a trick question since there is not just one correct response for each animal.  First of all, a close encounter with a wolf would be a very rare occurrence.  Wolves are very shy and elusive.  If you did happen to come upon a wolf, it would most likely run.  Reports of wolf attacks are minimal and it has been suggested that these aggressive encounters involve those animals that are acclimated to humans.

A moose can respond aggressively, especially a female with a calf.  If perceived as a threat, they will attack, often kicking and biting, causing serious injury.  If a close encounter does occur, hopefully you will be near a large tree.  Moose are not agile and cannot maneuver easily, so you can avoid an attack by running to the far side of the tree.  To decrease chances of a close encounter, make noise when you are out and avoid densely wooded areas.

Noise is also helpful in preventing a close encounter with a bear.  Bear are shy and do not seek us out for the purpose of doing us harm.  Don’t hike alone, talk and laugh loudly with your friends.  However, if you do have a close encounter with a bear, do not run.  If the bear is at a distance and  stands up, it’s trying to identify what you are; it’s eyesight is poor.   Make yourself look bigger, pack together with your friends, put your arms in the air and yell in a deep voice. The bear may perceive you as a threat and run away.  If the bear charges, lay in a ball with your hands protecting your face.  Be as passive and quiet as possible.

How did you do?  100% right?

Ok, here is your question for next week:  Name at least 6102_5288142101381421012314210108

items that a person should have when hiking in Alaska. (Look carefully at the pictures, they include some hints).  Good luck!!


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