This is a frequently asked question from people who are planning a trip to Alaska.  I recommend that people bring clothes for all types of weather.   The weather up here fluctuates widely and you wouldn’t want to be limited in your exploring because you don’t have the proper things to wear.  Definitely pack rain gear, it does rain frequently, particularly in the Denali area.  Water-proof shoes, breathable rain jacket and pants and a water-proof hat are essentials.  Additionally,  a warm sweater or sweatshirt, gloves, a warm hat or ear-protector and an insulated jacket are recommended.  Coats are not as bulky as they used to be and you can purchase a good jacket that can be folded into the size of a ball.  And, of course, pack some lighter outer wear like t-shirts and hiking-type slacks because it can get very warm. In one day, you might use the clothing for every weather condition, so dress in layers.  You probably won’t need a suit, dress or high-heels, things are pretty casual up here.

me molly rein

light weight hiking pants, water-proof, insulated jacket, water-proof boots. And a companion!!


Dressing in layers is always a smart idea.

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