Fall comes early in the Denali area of Alaska.  It’s the middle of August and already the colors are changing and the temperatures are cooling.  Within a short time the hillsides will show brilliant shades of red and purple from the changes in the leaves of the dwarf dogwood and bear berry and the wooded areas will show yellow, orange and red hues from the willows, cottonwoods and fireweed.  It is starting to get dark at night, about 11 pm right now and the moon is more visible.  Great horned owls can be heard calling in the dusk.   The weather is cooler at night and in the morning, creating an invigorating briskness that enhances energy.

This is a wonderful time of year to visit Alaska.  The wildlife is on the move looking for food to fatten up for the lean times ahead, and the moose, bear, caribou and sheep are all looking beautiful with their new winter coats.  And, of course, the bull moose are wondrous to behold with their huge antlers as they prepare for the rutting season just ahead.

Over the next several weeks, look for pictures of the surrounding hillsides and waterways to see the gradual change in the foliage.  You may decide that you just have to get up here this year!!

The following pictures were all taken on August 18th: I will post pictures every few days so you can view the dramatic changes in the landscape.  It is just beginning!


Dwarf Dogwood (red)


dwarf birch (yellow)


cottonwood (orange)


Dwarf Dogwood (red)

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