The old Denali Highway, (or Highway 8) is an old gravel road that runs west to east from Cantwell to Paxson.  Because it is mostly unpaved (though maintained), it gets alot less traffic than the major highways up here and can give a traveler a real feel for the Alaskan wilderness. The vistas are beautiful, with lots of lakes, running streams, mountains and even several glaciers.  And some of the best views of Denali mountain can be experienced along the western end of this road.  Wildlife viewing is a real possibility, with moose, caribou, porcupine, fox and coyote seen fairly regularly on land and swans, ducks and beavers spotted along the waterways.

The Cantwell RV Park is located at the western end of the old Denali Highway.  This makes it a very convenient location for guests who want to explore the highway.  Guests will frequently check-in and get set up, then take daily excursions to various points along the road to engage in a variety of activities such as hiking, fishing, boating and bird-watching.

This highway is one of the many reasons why our RV park is a good place to stay during your trip to Alaska.  Email or call us for more information and reservations.


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