There are a number of options for getting around in Alaska.  Depending on time, destination, level of fitness, level of courage and level of finances, there are quite a few choices.  Below is a description of some of the more popular methods.

  1.  Travel by Recreational Vehicle (RV).  Many visitors have their own RVs and travel from the “lower 48” and from Canada.  Some visitors even come from other countries and have their RVs shipped!  This method of travel requires more time.  If your available time is limited, you may want to consider flying into Anchorage or Fairbanks and renting an RV.  An RV is like a mobile apartment and can save the time that you could waste on things like finding a bathroom or a place for a good cup of coffee.  And, if you like the scenery, you can just pull into the rest area, make your dinner and enjoy the view.  And then you can look for a nice RV park to spend the night. I know of a really nice RV park with friendly people and great services!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2.  Cruise Ship Travel:  This is a very popular mode of travel these days in Alaska.  It is convenient, relaxed and offers amenities that you would find in a resort.  Additionally, cruise ships travel to parts of Alaska that cannot be reached by road.  However, since cruise travel is a guided experience, your options for independent experience are limited.  Many people will travel by ship the first time and then return another year and travel by a different mode of transportation.ship-iceberg

3.  Plane:  Traveling and site seeing by air is exciting and gives you a real feel for how big and untamed Alaska is.  And, by plane, just as by ship, you can access  more remote areas of Alaska.  Flight tours are popular in Alaska and

well worth the expense.flight, Mt. McKinley

4. Bicycle:  What a way to stay in shape!!  Many people fly to Alaska with their bikes in tow and start their bicycle journeys  from the airports.  They come equipped with their camping and repair gear which can be strapped to the sides of the bike or pulled in a tow behind.  When they come in to Cantwell RV park to rent a tent site, they look tired but happy and share how pleased they are with the bicycling experience. They also express pleasure with the opportunity to take a hot shower and check messages!!


As you can see, there are many choices for traveling around in Alaska.  So pick your preferred style and make your plans to come up for a visit!!


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