Days are long during the summer up here in Alaska, with over 21 hours of daylight in July.  There are pros and cons to the almost constant daylight.  One of the positives is that you have more time for site seeing.  That can make for a more relaxing vacation since you don’t have to rush to get somewhere by dark.  You can make more detours and be more leisurely with your exploring.  Another positive is that you won’t have to worry about driving in the dark.  Driving in unfamiliar territory can be anxiety-provoking especially when the area is known to contain very large animals that can be on the road.

The major drawback to all the daylight is the sleep deprivation that can occur.  People often ask what they can put on the windows of their RV’s to block out the light so they can get some sleep. A suggestion is to pack an eye mask.  You may also want to purchase a window screen to put over your windows.  It is hard to sleep when the sun is shining through your window at 3 am.  Dark paper and duct tape will also work.  And, of course, physical activity during the day will help with sleep despite the light.

However, a lack of sleep seems a small price to pay for a trip to this great state.  So relax, set up your grill at midnight and enjoy the extra hours.  You can always sleep when you get back to work.

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