Reptiles are cold-blooded animals that are either covered in scales or have a hard external plate or shell.  There are 4 groups of reptiles, including snakes/lizards, crocodiles/alligators, turtles/tortoises and tuataras.  Look at the following pictures and guess which of them can be found in Alaska.  milk-snake-brad-moonallmis210a-leopard-tortoise220px-thamnophis_sirtalis_sirtalis_woosterdesert-tortoises-euthanize-nevada

If you said “none” you are most likely correct. There are no tortoises, no alligators and probably no snakes in Alaska.  There has been some debate as to whether or not the garter snake (brown with yellow stripe) has been spotted in the southeastern part of the state but other than that one species, you will not be seeing any reptiles on land or in the lakes and streams.  So relax and enjoy your hiking, boating and fishing adventures. Oh, and just watch out for bears!!

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