Summer Weather around Denali National Park

The summer months in Alaska are considered to be from late May to early September.  The daily temperature near Denali can range from 33 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees, with the average in the upper 50’s to lower 60’s.  Night temperatures are 10-15 degrees cooler.  June through August is the rainy season, with an annual average rainfall of 34 inches, slightly below the national average.  The average number of sunny days is 135, which is a little less than a third of the year.  According to Denali Park Rangers, a person can experience rain, sun, clouds and wind all in one day.

What clothing should you pack for a trip to Alaska?  Bring gear appropriate for all conditions.  Definitely, waterproof outer wear is recommended, including a waterproof shoe or hiking boot.  Outerwear for the cold is also recommended, including a jacket, gloves, hat and warm socks.  Some lighter clothing should be packed as well, including a  sun hat.  This may sound like an excessive amount of clothing, but these days they make clothing that is lightweight and multi-purpose.  They even make winter coats that can be folded up and put in a sack the size of a collapseable umbrella!  No need to pack dress-up attire, Alaska is a very casual state.

If you plan to be outdoors for an extended period, dress in layers.  That way, you will be prepared for any weather condition and will not have to abandon your experience or be distracted by discomfort.   So pack a little for all seasons for a wonderful trip.


Which person do you think was better prepared for the rain and probably had a better time?


Notice the layered clothing.


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