Wildfires are a natural occurring phenomena in Alaska.  The fire season begins in late May and ends in late July.  Each year approximately one million acres burn statewide, most starting from lightning strikes.  Naturally occurring fire is a necessary part of many landscapes, clearing the ground and permitting new growth that is beneficial to animals and plant life.  Some plants even need fire to regenerate.  Wildfire management is similar to most states:  If the fire is occurring in a remote area and is not a threat to structures or people, the fire is watched but allowed to burn.  Fires that may be a threat are managed.

It gets smoky at times up here and often the fire is many miles away.  IMAG2847IMAG2844

These pictures were taken locally in Cantwell, but the fire generating this smoke was reportedly burning in the Yukon.

If you see or smell smoke while here, you can check google or go to the Alaska forestry website for current fire information.  To help prevent fires, follow all campfire rules and guidelines.  Use only designated fire pits and have the necessary tools to completely put the fire out when finished.



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