You’re probably anticipating a story involving a grizzly bear, a moose or maybe even a wolverine.  Well, you’re wrong.  This attack involved a group of vicious red squirrels and several unsuspecting trash can lids.  One day we noticed a small hole in a trash can lid and we were curious about what caused it, but didn’t give it much thought.  Within a week, 3 trash can lids had serious holes in them and at this point, we were getting a little nervous.  Could it have been a bear, someone asked?  No, we didn’t think so, a bear would have just knocked over the whole can.  A porcupine, a wolverine or perhaps a fox?  Well, a few days later, the mystery was solved when a guest started to take a lid off a can to deposit some trash and out jumped a red squirrel.

Sure, they look real cute with their little paws and fluffy tails but they have a  dark side and they’re smart.  We are no match for their cunning ways and no amount of repairing or replacing is successful with these rascals.  We think it’s an entire family working the RV Park trash cans.

So be warned and beware!!  Do not leave your plastic possessions unprotected. DSCN1649DSCN1648red squirrelsquirrel

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  1. Cynthia Jackson

    What a cute story! You started my day off with a laugh!

  2. Hi. Thanks for staying with us. The season is going well, busy and lots of nice people. Just another month, boy, it goes quick!

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