Alaska has a great variety of specialty food items.   Seafood and fish are most commonly associated with Alaska, and seafood is abundant.  Halibut, salmon, king crab, cod and clams are all available in restaurants in a variety of dishes and soups.  Bear Caught a Salmon  slide_400262_4943540_free  king-crab  alaskan_500

But Alaska also has other specialty food items that are available to the visitor and should be experienced.  There are several varieties of game on the menu, including bison burgers, reindeer dogs and reindeer steak.  Some people ask about moose, which is not available for sale as it is a wild game meat and not inspected/approved by a central agency.  Caribou as well is not available for commercial use for the same reason, but the related reindeer, which is inspected, is available.  The only difference between the reindeer and the caribou is that the reindeer is domesticated.     Buffalo_5_lb_Bulk_Burger   stock-photo-grilled-beef-steak-and-potatoes-on-plate-isolated-on-white-background-top-view-629070965

“Sourdough” is not just an old miner, it is also a type of bread that has a long history in Alaska.  Made from flour and water mixed and stored, it creates a naturally occurring yeast that results in a unique tangy flavor.  Pancakes and french toast made from sourdough are especially tasty, as is a slice of warm sourdough bread with bread and jam. sanfranciscosourdough

And if you are looking for something sweet, you could try an Alaskan extra large cinnamon roll, or sample jams, muffins and chocolates made from Alaska berries. And wash them down with a beer made from one of over 20 breweries located in the state! Cookie-Jar-Cinnamon-Bun-400x300  wild-berry-collection-from-alaska-glacier-bay-alaska-glacier-bay-alaska-BJ1A96

20140722-466-yukon-brown-bear-eating-berries-psr  blueberry muffins  Glacier-Brewhouse-Anchorage-Alaska

So when you pack for your trip up here, put some bigger pants in your suitcase.

You don’t want to miss out on any of this food!



“I’ll have 2 caribou steaks, a bison, and a beer.”



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One thought on “ALASKAN CUISINE

  1. All so good. I could probably try to rank my favorites, but in truth, they are all favorites.

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