Alaska is home to at least 10 species of owls.  Since 5 of these species can be found in our area of the state, the interior, we will focus on them.  The Great Gray owl is the largest of the owl species, with a length of up to 33 inches. It is a night hunter, and relies on its hearing for the location of prey.

great grey owl | jari-peltomaki | pictures tag cloud | bird pictures on Pictures Of Great Grey Owls

The Great Horned owl is a familiar species, both because of its ear tufts and also because of its call.  Many of us have heard the resonant “Hoo, hoohoo”  call at night.   This is the next largest owl, with a length of up to 25 inches. This owl

relies on sight for locating prey.perched-horned-owls

The Northern Hawk owl can reach a length of 16 inches and is hawk-like in appearance.  It is a day hunter. Hawk-Owl-Photos

The Short-eared owl is similar in size to the Hawk owl. It is a ground nester and the only species to migrate south. seow_grahamm2143

And the smallest species in the interior is the Boreal Owl, about 10 inches in length. boreal owlI

It is always thrilling to spot an owl.  They are mysterious and quiet and can be somewhat intimidating with their wide-eyed stare.  So add this to your list of animals that you want to see when you come to Alaska.


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