Alaska seems to have the most of everything; mountains, streams, animals, fish, and land.  Well, add mosquitoes to the list!  Alaska has 35 species of mosquito and most of them like the taste of us.  If you want to see all the species, visit Alaska between June 20th and the end of July, that is when they are most prevalent.  The mosquito population is greater in the north of the state and they also prefer shade and moisture.  They are most active at dawn and dusk.  If you plan to hike, especially in wooded areas or around waterways, here are some tips for enhancing the comfort of your experience:

  1. Wear tight-weave cotton
  2. Neutral colors are best
  3. Don’t use scented grooming products
  4. Cover yourself with a long-sleeved shirt, pants and shoes
  5. A 20-30% Deet repellent is sufficient for most environments.  Somewhat stronger may be necessary at times
  6. Take a head net to keep mosquitoes away from your face and eyes.

Don’t let this frighten you away from visiting.  The mosquito population fluctuates year to year and most of the years I have been there it has been very comftorable, even in the shaded areas. Non-wooded areas tend to be minimal with mosquito activity and any breeze will reduce activity as well.   Look at our pictures in the picture gallery for proof.  You’ll see people engaged in all sorts of outdoor activity, and  no one is wearing a head net or frantically hitting themselves.  So make your plans for visiting Alaska!


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  1. This was all pretty much a non-event when we spent the entire Summer e of 2015 in Alaska. We heard all the horror stories, including the reported size of the insects, but although we visited many areas of the state, including some that are reportedly prone to this problem, we just never experienced anything more than just a few pests here and there. Be prepared, but don’t be scared.

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