Looking for gold is a popular activity with visitors.  Gold can potentially be found in any stream in Alaska and is permitted in any public area.  It’s a great activity and a wonderful way to experience the outdoors.  Even if there is no gold in the bottom of the pan,  you’re still enriched by the sights and sounds of nature.  To get information on open areas for panning, visit a Bureau of Land Management located in Fairbanks and Anchorage.                                                                                 maxresdefaultMcKinley-Wilderness-Gold-Panning-Adventure-400x380

For the more cautious gold enthusiast, there are a number of gold panning enterprises located throughout central Alaska.  You purchase a bag of “pay dirt,”  the price of which depends on the chances for gold that can be found in the dirt.  After a brief demonstration on gold panning procedures, you are taken to a trough with running water and you pan through your bag of dirt.  Gold-Panning-Goldfields-Mining-Centre_optimizedThis can be quite exciting and also rewarding, literally or through learning the skill of panning.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


So add a gold panning excursion to your plans when you come to visit.


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  1. We tried our hand at panning at the Gold Daughters in Fairbanks. A very nice location with some history and right across the road is up-close access to the pipeline.

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