An earthquake is a sudden shaking of  the ground caused by a shifting in the sections of the earth’s crust so that the sections, or tectonic plates, interact with each other.  The force of the interaction of the plates determines the magnitude and intensity of the earthquake.  The magnitude is the size of the quake and the intensity is the degree of shaking.  There was a recent earthquake in Alaska that made the news because of its intensity, measuring a 7.2 on the seismograph.  It caused damage to roads and structures in the Anchorage area, though no fatalities.

Although earthquakes in Alaska don’t often make the news, they occur frequently up here because Alaska sits on a fault line, which is an area where tectonic plates intersect.  There are actually about 10,000 earthquakes a year in Alaska, but thankfully the majority of them go unnoticed or produce minimal shaking. That’s why the earthquakes seldom make the news.  An earthquake of a 7.2 size  occurs only once in a while.  So no need to worry that your trip may have the added excitement of the roller coaster variety.  In the 15 yeas that we have owned the RV park, I was woken up once by a gentle rocking motion and another time some books fell off the shelf.  So finish making your plans and we’ll see you next summer!


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  1. My one daughter lives not too far from the epicenter of this recent event. Fortunately, they suffered mostly some broken glass items and the refrigerator popped open, spilling contents on the floor. On the other hand, some highway damage in the area was pretty nasty.

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