Many people travel to Alaska with their dogs.  To guarantee a smooth, safe trip, here are a few guidelines to follow:

  1.  A health certificate for each pet dated within the last 30 days is necessary for crossing the border into Canada.  It is also required when leaving Alaska, so if you plan to be traveling up here beyond those 30 days, you will have to see an Alaskan vet to get a new health certificate.  You can find veterinary clinics in all the major cities and can be found on line.
  2.  Keep your pets leashed when out hiking.  If you don’t, your dog may take off after something and get lost.  And with so much wilderness it would be hard to find them.
  3. Put a notice somewhere on your RV that there are pets on board and list an emergency contact number.  If there is some sort of problem or emergency while you are out, the notice will alert people in the area as to a pet on board and can take measures to make the pet safe.
  4. Never leave your pet outside when you’re not there.
  5. Consider pet sitting services if you plan to be away from your RV for the day.  Some RV parks offer services.  We offer both pet-walking and pet- sitting services.  That way you can enjoy your day and not feel worried or guilty for leaving your pet alone.
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  1. That’s some great advice and it is so nice of you to pass these hints along. I suppose that you are busy gathering supplies about now. I hope you have a good trip and a great season.

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