Recently, we listed 8 mammals found in Alaska and asked you to guess at which one was the fastest.   There are actually 2 that are tied for the fastest, the lynx and the caribou, both of which can reach speeds of 50 mph.  So if you picked either one, congratulations!  Following is the list of the animals, in descending order of speed:

Lynx:  50 mph

Caribou:  50 mph

Wolf:  37 mph

Coyote:  37 mph

Moose: 35 mph

Grizzly:  35 mph

Fox:  31 mph

Man:  15.9 mph

Thank goodness we have the brain power to problem solve a dangerous animal encounter, because if we tried to run, they would just laugh at us.

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2 thoughts on “MAMMAL SPEEDS, CONT’D

  1. …never would have guessed at the Caribou, but I think I have never seen them running flat-out. Humans can’t outrun much of anything except each other.

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