Fishing around Denali

A very popular activity for people visiting Alaska is fishing.  Alaska is known for great fishing and has many edible varieties, which vary according to the location.   Many people who come up to the Denali area want to fish for salmon, but the fish do not travel that far inland.   About 25 miles south of Cantwell, the king salmon struggle up the Chulitna river to their spawning grounds which are just west of where the river crosses under the Parks Highway.  However, they are near the end of their life cycle and you can see that by their vivid red color and also by the obvious difficulty they are having in swimming against the current.  You would not want to fish for them at that point, because the meat would not be edible. salmon species

Even though salmon may be hard to find up this way, trout fishing is abundant in the nearby streams and rivers.  In the cantwell area, the main trout is the grayling, a small fish with an unusually large dorsal fin.  Average length is about 10-12 inches, but boy, are they tasty!   Dolly Varden, lake trout and rainbow are found both east and south of us.


rainbow trout

rainbow trout

Fishing licenses are required and are strictly enforced, so please do your research so you can spend your money on fishing adventures and not on paying expensive tickets!

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