At Cantwell RV Park, we don’t just camp. We do so much more! See all our scheduled activities below!


1.  Blueberry Picking Excursions – Throughout the month of August RV park staff hosts a weekly blueberry picking excursion. Current guests are transported to a local area known for good blueberry patches and for several hours, guests can fill their containers. Alaska blueberries are small, sweet and tart and very abundant in the Denali area.

2.  Fourth of July BBQ Pot Luck –  Join us at the central picnic area for our annual July 4th pot-luck barbeque.

3.  Mount McKinley Trip – Every Wednesday, weather permitting, any interested guest can drive with staff to the local Denali mountain viewpoint for great pictures of the majestic mountain.  Bring your cameras!!

4.  End of Season Pot Luck – Early September, gather around the camp fire to enjoy hamburgers, hot dogs, maybe some local fare and share your adventures.

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